The UC Learning Center (UCLC) is a learning management system used throughout the UC system primarily to deliver training and learning activities to employees, contingent workers, volunteers, and campus affiliates. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software package that provides management and tracking of learning activities to a variety of learners. The web-based access facilitates "anytime, any place, any pace" access to training content and administration. While the central UCLC database is the same, each location is able to configure the site in a manner that reflects the needs and culture of the campus or lab.


The UC Learning Center replaced previous training registration systems including the Education & Development Online Enrollment system and Environmental Health & Safety system. Historical training data from those systems were moved over to the UC Learning Center.

Benefits of using an LMS

  • Provide one system for managing learning activities for faculty, staff, affiliates, and students (student employees and those students who need to complete learning activities outside of college programs)
  • Provide one system to identify and assign comprehensive training requirements
  • Minimize duplication of training management processes
  • Provide a consistent platform to develop and provide online courses
  • Provide comprehensive training reports on required and professional development activities
  • Generate automated notification of assigned activities, upcoming classes, or retraining reminders

UCLC Users Group

The UCLC Users Group meets three times a year and includes trainers, course developers, instructional designers, administrative professionals involved in compliance and reporting, and other stakeholders. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this group, please email


For questions or assistance with the UC Learning Center, email