For information on common tasks, be sure to review the user guides for learners, managers, and instructors. System Requirements may be found on the home page.


  • What is a UCR NetID and why do I need one?

    UCR NetID is a unique ID available for all UCR Faculty, Staff, Students, and Affiliates. Once a UCR NetID is assigned to you, you can access relevant UCR applications including the UC Learning Center.

  • Why is my email address listed as

    If you are a University Extension Student (UNEX), your email will not be listed in the UC Learning Center.

    If you are strictly an employee, your email address should be whatever is listed as the delivery address in the Enterprise Directory system. This address is pushed into UCPath under the Business email field. UCPath then pushes the Business email field into the UC Learning Center.

    If you are a student employee, there may be a delay in populating this data into the system. When student employees are hired their email addresses can take several days to populate into the UC Learning Center. Your student email address is matched to your employee records via your Social Security Number (SSN). If it has been more than a week since your start date and your email address is still not visible in the Learning Center (on training reports for example), it could be that your SSN in the payroll system does not match the SSN on record for you in the student information system. Please visit your hiring department's payroll representative and the Registrar's Office  to verify that they have the correct SSN on file for you. Once the correct number is on file in both systems it may take up to 48 hours to update into the Learning Center.

    If after corrections are made you cannot log in within 2 days, or if no corrections are needed, please contact the ITS Helpdesk ( and request they have their Identity Management team investigate why your NetID is not connecting you to your profile in the UC Learning Center.

  • Where are my training records?

    For training you have completed through the UC Learning Center, you will find them in your transcript. For specific instructions on accessing your transcript please review the Learner Guide information under the Getting Started page.

    If you are a former campus affiliate who has since been hired in payroll, you may have duplicate profiles in the system. We will need to merge your records under your employee profile. Please email

    Students: If you are a recently hired employee or volunteer and are missing records on your transcript, this is most likely due to duplicate profiles in the system. We will need to merge your records under your employee profile. Please email

  • My safety training records are not showing in LHAT?

    LHAT is a separate system from the UC Learning Center that receives a nightly data feed from the UC Learning Center. If you just completed training today you should be able to see it in LHAT tomorrow or the next business day.

    LHAT can experience difficulty matching records for nonemployees from the UC Learning Center. If you are not active in payroll and your transcript in the UC Learning Center does not show up in LHAT after your PI has added you to their lab, please forward a copy of your transcript to the UC Risk Management Help Desk and ask if they can help update your records in LHAT.

  • I am a former employee and would like a copy of my transcript?

    Please contact your former department with any records requests.

  • I am looking for information on the Benefits Webinars?

    Employees who enroll in benefits through UCPath are invited to participate in a live webinar to ask questions and learn more about UC’s benefits program.

    Employees eligible for the UC Retirement Choice Program:
    Fridays 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

    Employees NOT eligible for the UC Retirement Choice Program:
    2nd Thursdays 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

    Webinar information: To join the webinar online, go to, select “join a meeting,” and enter meeting ID: 951 787 5041. For audio, call 408-638-0968; meeting ID: 951 787 5041.

    For more information visit the Compensation & Benefits section of the UCNet website.


Refer to the Access & Roles page for detailed access information, including an access flowchart.

  • Why am I unable to access the UC Learning Center?

    EMPLOYEES & VOLUNTEERS: All UCR employees and volunteers are automatically in the UC Learning Center within two business days of being made active in payroll, or their start date, whichever is later.

    Note: for first time volunteers, or contingent workers, your hiring department may need to take additional steps to facilitate access:

    • UCR STUDENT CWR: Departments should open a ServiceLink ticket to request ITS update LDAP. Please provide Student ID and Employee ID (Category: Identity Management, Subcategory: LDAP).
    • NON-STUDENT CWR: Department should enter Employee ID into Enterprise Directory.

    AFFILIATES & STUDENTS: If you are a student or campus affiliate who will not be, and has never been, active in payroll and you have never accessed the UC Learning Center, you will first need to use the Affiliate Access Tool to push a profile into the system. After using this tool you will be able to log-in directly to the UC Learning Center on subsequent visits. NOTE: You will be able to register for Laboratory Safety Orientation Fundamentals the day after you push a profile into the system.

  • I am a new employee. When I try to log in the system cannot locate my user account?

    New employees become active in the UC Learning Center within two business days of their start date or the date they are made active in payroll, with a a Social Security Number, whichever is later. For student employees, their SSNs (or ITINs) must also be the same in Banner and UCPath.

    If you are a student employee, your access is currently facilitated by your Social Security Number (SSN) or International Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If it has been more than two business days since you were made active in the payroll system and you are unable to log in, it could be that your SSN (or ITIN) in the payroll system (UCPath) does not match the SSN (or ITIN) on record for you in the student information system (Banner). Please contact your hiring department's payroll representative and the Registrar's Office  to verify that they have the correct SSN on file for you in UCPath and Banner. Once the correct number is on file in both systems it may take up to two business days to update access to the Learning Center.

    Nonstudent employees will also need to be active in Enterprise Directory for at least one business day after being active in payroll before their NetID will provide access to the UC Learning Center.

  • I do not remember my UCR NetID - what do I do?

    To look up your UCR NetID select the appropriate option below:

  • I forgot my password - what do I do?

    For instructions on how to reset the password associated with your UCR NetID, visit the My Account Portal at

  • When I try to log in the system tells me my account is deactivated?

    This is usually an indication that you are a former student employee who has been separated in payroll.* If you were previously employed by UCR, your profile in the Learning Center was disabled when you were separated. Please email to have your profile reactivated. Please include the following information in your email:

    1. Your UCR NetID
    2. Your current role on campus, e.g., undergraduate or graduate student, contingent worker, affiliate, etc.
    3. Your major (if you are strictly a student otherwise your hiring or sponsoring department)
    4. If you are currently employed on campus (or soon will be) as either a paid employee or unpaid volunteer
    5. Why you need access to the UC Learning Center

    *NOTE: This could also apply if you are a former student or campus Affiliate who previously accessed the UC Learning Center using the UC Affiliate Access Tool and are returning to campus as an Affiliate or student.

Roles and Permissions

For a full list of roles visit the Access & Roles page.

  • Why am I missing direct reports within my manager access?

    The connection between an employee and supervisor is established through UCPath. Your department's payroll representative should be able to update records so your list of direct reports will be accurate. Note, it takes two business days for any changes in the payroll system to be reflected int he UC Learning Center Learning Management System (LMS).

    If the My Team icon is not appearing in the navigation menu, please log out, clear your browser's cache or history, then log back in. If the icon still does not appear, please email to confirm your role is accurate and direct reports have been established in the system.

  • As a manager, can I view the direct reports of my direct reports?

    At this time you can only view your direct reports. Individuals who need to view people beyond their direct reports (either at the department, division, or organizational unit level) will be able to request the Learning Coordinator role from the UC Learning Center Team

    For more information on the roles in the UC Learning Center, please go to the Roles section.


  • Why is my online course not launching?

    For online activities to launch, pop-up blockers must be disabled. For instructions on disabling pop-up blockers, refer to the list of Tips for eCourse Completion on the Getting Started Page.

  • What can I do to help ensure the system records my quiz results or course completion?

    Review our online list of Tips for eCourse Completion to ensure you are using a compatible browser and settings.

  • When I launch an eCourse the screen is blank or missing information?

    This issue is most likely due to Flash being disabled in your web browser settings and/or not updated to the most current version. Even if you have enabled Flash in the past, new browser updates may disable it. See Tips for eCourse Completion on the Getting Started Page.

    If your browser settings for Flash are set to always ask before running, you must still click to play or allow Flash to run in the course by clicking an icon or notice in the browser window. This icon is usually next to the URL field. Certain browsers, regardless of general Flash settings, will always require you to provide explicit permission for Flash to run. Again look for an icon to the left or right of the URL field at the top of the browser window.

    You may need to search your web browser's support site to troubleshoot why your particular browser is not correctly displaying an eCourse . For example Firefox has an entire support page of issues around why "Videos, sound, pictures and animations don't work". 

    ALERT: Adobe will stop supporting Flash Player and all browsers will actively block Flash-related content from running after December 2020. While we have made every effort to replace all Flash-based content in the system prior to the end of 2020, any remaining content will be expired on 12/31/2020.

  • How can I retake an eCourse?

    For certain online courses, you will need to click Start and then choose Retake when prompted by the system. Note, retaking a course will establish a new attempt on top of any previous completions. Past completions will still exists in the system and appear on your transcript. In the case the UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention courses, you will also need to choose Restart inside the course itself to record a new completion.

    For other online courses, you may first need to register before you will be able to start the course. In order to record a new completion, you may still need to choose "Retake" after starting the course. If you need to register for an assigned activity, click on the course name, then find the register button on the next page.

    NOTE: You will not be able to restart an eCourse from your training schedule. You will need to search for the course to Start it.

  • A School of Medicine eCourse is not showing as completed, what can I do?

    In order to complete the School of Medicine (SOM) eCourses the following are required:

    1. View every slide. To do this use the next or forward button near the bottom of the screen. Using the left hand table of contents menu to navigate through the course will skip some slides. Additionally, clicking through too quickly may cause the course to mark slides as unread.
    2. Answer every quiz or test question. If slides were skipped, quiz questions may be missed as well.
    3. Agree to any acknowledgement of policies.
    4. Click "Exit" to leave the course. Closing the browser window directly may prevent the course from reporting progress back to the system. Click exit and wait for the course to indicate it is okay to close the window.
    5. Respond to any pop-up windows upon exit. For certain eCourses, learners must respond to the pop-up window at the end of the course. If the pop-up is missed or if the web browser blocked the pop-up this would prevent the course from recording a completion. If you think you may have missed or incorrectly responded to this pop-up, you should be able to relaunch the course and exit again to respond to the pop-up.

    Tip: Review our online list of Tips for eCourse Completion to ensure you are using a compatible browser and settings, such as disabling pop-up blockers.

    Please note, the SOM changed its certification policy for its compliance eCourses. Learners are now required to retake all three eCourses on an annual basis. See the question above on how to retake an eCourse.

  • I cannot advance in the Cyber Security Awareness Training?

    We suspect your browser may not be displaying the full course window, including navigation buttons in the lower right corner. Try maximizing the course window and setting the zoom to 100%. Try zooming both in and out. Certain browsers may only resize the course player when zooming in.

    Some iPad users have reported issues completing this course. We recommend switching to a laptop or desktop to complete the course.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to add as a trusted site under Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites>Sites.

    Please be sure to review our list of Tips for eCourse Completion.

  • I am a Mac/Safari user. Why is the audio not working in this eCourse?

    A recent change in Safari auto-play functionality may impact how audio functions in some eCourses. Depending upon the version of Safari and the user's browser settings, affected users may find that while the course auto-plays upon launch, no audio can be heard.

    Quick fix: If the users toggles the audio button in the playbar off/on then sound will play normally for the remainder of the course.

    Recommended browser settings:

    1. Log into the UC Learning Center using Safari.
    2. Select Safari > Settings for This Website...
    3. Select Auto-Play: Allow All Auto-Play for the site (
  • I cannot select an answer to a Laboratory Safety Fundamentals quiz/test question?

    This issue is currently under investigation by the systemwide course developer. Currently, we believe this happens when a user fails a quiz and uses the menu to navigate around in the course instead of clicking Retake or using the next/forward button. Though there could be additional causes. The only known fix is to (1) exit, (2) relaunch the course, and (3) click No when asked if you want to continue where you left off. This will create a new attempt in the course where you may test out of any previously completed sections.

  • I do not see a Start button for an online course?

    You may be experiencing one of two issues:

    1. Some online courses require you to first register for the course before you will be able to launch it. From the search results, click the Select button to open its drop down menu and then click Register. On the next screen you may need to Add an eCourse to the "cart" or one may be pre-selected for you. Once any needed eCourses are selected, click Register to finalize the registration process. On the next screen you should see a Start button.
    2. If you partially completed an online course which required registration and now you wish to return and continue the course, you will need to go to one of two places to find the Start button, either (a) the Current/Upcoming > All tab of your training schedule (Manage My Registrations), or (b) on the Current tab of your Timeline (opened via the bulleted icon list button in the upper right).
  • I completed the Healthy Working course but it's still marked as In Progress?

    In order for the course to record a completion, all action items must be completed. This may mean a delay until you are able to complete the final items such as the risk assessment or healthy working plan.

    Please try the following steps:

    1. Return to the UC Learning Center and launch the course
    2. Ensure all items under the Actions box are listed as completed, including: Profile, E-Learning, Risk Assessment, and My Healthy Working Plan.
    3. Save a screenshot of the home page of the course showing all action items completed.
    4. Exit the course by closing the browser window (do not use the Logout button).

    If the course does not record a completion for you at that point, please email the screenshot to along with the following information:

    • What web browser you were using
    • If you were on a Mac or a PC

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