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The following videos are provided by UC Systemwide Talent Management and Staff Development and are general to the UC system. Your experience may differ slightly based on local customization of certain features. If you are looking for information to help with an online course, be sure to read our list of Tips for eCourse Completion.


Navigation Features

Tour the navigation options and menus.


Quickly view current, upcoming, incomplete assigned activities, launch a current eCourse, or cancel registration.


Browse the Library for Activities

Browse learning activities by category and topic.

Search for Activities

Use advanced filters in the search tool to refine your search.

Required Training or Training Analysis

Review the status of assigned or required learning activities as well as your certification history. See activity due date, last completed date, and expiration dates. You may start or register for assigned activities from this page as well.

If a required activity needs to be retaken on a regular basis, you will see a date in the Expiration Date column. The activity should be retaken by that expiration date to maintain certification in that activity. You will notice that the due date will also update to match this expiration date each time you complete the activity.

TIP: When retaking a previously completed eCourse be sure to choose "Retake" if prompted to record a new completion. If you choose review the system will not record the course launch.


Whether you have searched for a specific learning activity or browsed the library, once you have decided on the activity you wish to enroll in these are the steps you can take to register.

  1. Locate the activity you wish to register in by using the Library or Searching for the course using the title or a keyword.
  2. Click the Select drop down arrow and click Register
  3. Review the dates and time the course is offered. Note the filter options at the top of the list - the default view is set to the next five offerings. Registration Deadlines will be highlighted in orange.
  4. Click Add to select the offering you wish to attend.
  5. If available, click Cancellation Policy in the lower left of the slide out menu to review the cancellation deadline and any associated fees.
  6. Scroll to the bottom right then click Register to finalize your registration. (If there is a fee, see below)

ONLINE COURSES: For an online course, you may or may not need to register first. For online courses (e.g., Topics) that require registration:

  1. Review the registration activities: Required activities will be pre-selected, others you may need to click Add to select it (e.g., choosing between the English and Spanish version of an online course)
  2. Click Register in the lower right of the screen.
If there is a fee

After clicking Register, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Make sure you have a valid FAU before proceeding.

  1. Select FAU (in all CAPS) from the Pay By drop-down menu
  2. Click Pay Now
  3. Enter your FAU and click Submit.
    1. For alphabetic characters use all CAPITAL LETTERS
    2. Cost Center and Project Code are optional fields
  4. Your registration will then be confirmed


Option A - From search results

From search results click select > register

Option B - From Activity Summary

From the activity summary click Register


Select offering and click submit
Registration Blocked message

If there are no current offerings of a classroom-based activity in the system, you will see an error message saying that registration is blocked. Hover your mouse over (or click on) the error messages and warnings to see a drop-down explaining that message.

Express Interest

If there is a classroom-based activity that you are interested in attending, but there are no current offerings you are able to attend, you can express your interest and be notified when new offerings are added to the system. To express interest:

  1. Navigate to the course and click Register
  2. Click Express Interest in the lower right
  3. Leave a brief comment
  4. Click Ok

To find out when you indicated an interest in any activity, visit the Training Schedule page and click on Expressed Interest along the top. You may cancel your expression of interest from this page by selecting the checkbox to the left of the activity name then clicking Cancel Interest at the top of the list.

Manage Registrations or Training Schedule

Review current, ongoing, upcoming, waiting list, and express interest registrations as well as completed and canceled activities from your training schedule.

Cancel Registration

There are multiple paths to canceling a registration. Find the one that works best for you.

Launching & Relaunching an eCourse

Return to an eCourse you stepped away from before completing it.

Transcript & Certificates

Download your entire transcript or just the for the last year. Access certificates of completion for individual activities.

Self-Reported Training

You may record learning activities completed outside the UC Learning Center by using the Self-Reported Training tool. To access this tool go to: Self > Learning > Self-Reported Training. Self-Reported Training activities will appear on a separate section of the transcript.

To add a new activity:

  1. Click New at the top of the list
  2. Enter an Activity Name
  3. Select an Activity Type
  4. Choose a Start Date and an End Date
  5. Enter a duration and credit hours (if applicable)
  6. Fill in any remaining properties as needed
  7. Click OK

To edit an activity:

  1. Click the pencil icon to the left of the activity name
  2. Change properties as needed
  3. Click OK

To delete an activity:

  1. Check the box to the left of the activity name
  2. Click Delete at the top of the list

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