Instructor Guide

The Instructor role will provide access that is in addition to the learner role and the manager role, if you have direct reports. This role is set up by the UC Learning Center Administrator, to gain access please contact 

Be sure to review the Learner Guide for general navigation information.


View Instructor Schedule

  • Click on the Self icon in the Top Menu to open up the Self menu
  • Click on the Learning heading to open up the Learning sub menu
  • Click on Instructor Schedule
Instructor Menu
  • Use the view drop-down menu in the upper right to select from Current, Previous, and Upcoming activities. You may also select the Calendar view to see activities on a monthly calendar. 
  • If you are the Instructor for a classroom-based training you may have to select Upcoming Activities from the View Menu to find it.


Instructor Schedule

View Rosters and Waiting Lists and Email Learners

From your Instructor Schedule:

  • Select the View Activity Roster icon for the activity roster you wish to review

NOTE: Change the view menu to Upcoming Activities to see scheduled activities for current or future dates.

Instructor Schedule
  • Review the roster details about the number of people registered, including scores and completion dates
  • You can filter the roster by Attended, No Show, Canceled, Registered, In Progress, and Replaced. 

    Note: this feature may not be available to instructors of Curriculums and Topics.
  • To email individuals on the roster, click the mail icon next to their name. To send emails to multiple individuals, check the boxes next to their name and click Send Email. 
  • If you wish to email all participants, select the top checkbox to Select All (do this for every page) and click Send Email
  • To view individuals on the Waiting List please select Waiting List in the view menu.
Instructor Guide: Activity Roster

Print a Sign-in Sheet

  • OPTION 1: From your Instructor Schedule: You may directly open a sign-in sheet from your instructor schedule by clicking the Activity Roster Report icon on your Instructor Schedule.

NOTE: Change the view menu to Upcoming Activities to see scheduled activities for current or future dates.

Instructor Schedule
  • OPTION 2: From the Activity Roster: Select the Activity Sign-in Sheet link
Instructor Guide: Activity Roster
  • Click Print to print the sign-in sheet. You may also export it to PDF.
Instructor Activity Sign-In Sheet

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Submit a Completed Sign-In Sheet or Roster

In order for attendance to be reflected in the LMS on learners' transcripts, you must send the completed sign-in sheet to Human Resources at for reconciling to the LMS. Please send the roster as soon as possible, preferably on the day of class. 

Request Additional Offerings of a Course

To request additional offerings of an existing classroom-based course, please download the Additional Activities Request Form  and email the completed form to

Cancel a Class or Request a Change

Send the request by email to

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