Access & Roles


Anyone with a UCR NetID and password may access the UC Learning Center. This includes:

  • Faculty, Staff, and Contingent Workers — see below for access information for new hires.
  • Students — this includes student employees as well as those who must complete training for facilities access, see below for details.
  • Affiliates — individuals who may not have an entry in the campus payroll system but are involved in campus activities and/or work and have been issued a UCR NetID. Affiliates not entered into UCPath should use the link to the UC Affiliate Access Tool (found on the login page under Student & Affiliate Access) to push a profile into the system on their first visit.

Newly Hired Employees & Volunteers or Contingent Workers

Newly hired employees automatically gain access to the UC Learning Center two business days after, whichever is later: (a) their start date or (b) the date they are made active in the payroll system (with a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

For volunteers and visitors hired into UCPath as a Contingent Worker (CWR) with no previous work history*, the hiring department should take the following steps to facilitate access in addition to activation in UCPath:

  • NON-STUDENT CWR: Department should add the Employee ID into the entry in Enterprise Directory (if the CWR was issued an affiliate NetID, the department will need to submit a request to ITS to update EDIR).
  • UCR STUDENT CWR: Departments should open a ServiceLink ticket (Category: Identity Management, Subcategory: LDAP) and request ITS update LDAP. Please provide CWR's Student ID and Employee ID.

*CWRs who are former employees (previously hired in UCPath) should gain access as if they were a paid employee, without these additional steps. Or, if they have a SSN entered into UCPath (and Banner for students) they would gain access like any other employee.

NOTE: Intercampus transfers must be separated in their home campus payroll system before they will be able to log into the LMS from UCR. If they still cannot log in after being active strictly at UCR in payroll for two business days, please email

UCR Student Access


There are different roles in the UC Learning Center. Some roles are established automatically through payroll and some must be established through the LMS Administrator. Different roles do not require separate logins – they just add to the functionality available after logging in. Continue reading for information about some of the different roles available in the UC Learning Center.


    Everyone who accesses the UC Learning Center is automatically given learner access. You will find the learner icon at the top of the page when you login. This role allows you to do the following:

    • Browse the Catalog and search for specific learning activities
    • Register for available learning activities
    • Launch online courses
    • Review status of assigned learning activities
    • Review transcript of completed activities
    • Add self-reported training to your transcript

    See the online Learner Guide for step-by-step instructions for various tasks.


    If you have direct reports established through the UCPath payroll system, you will automatically have access to the manager role (in addition to the learner role). You will see the team icon at the top of the page when you login. The manager role provides the following functionality:

    • Review current registrations for direct reports
    • Register direct reports into learning activities
    • Review the status of required learning activities for direct reports (e.g., export exception reports by individual or activity from the manager dashboard)
    • Receive a copy of email notifications of overdue learning activities for direct reports
    • Review attendance and required training status reports in advanced reporting

    See the online Manager Guide for step-by-step instructions for various tasks.


    If you have been identified as someone who is responsible for facilitating specific learning activities, or you need to have access to the rosters because you have responsibility for specific learning activities, you will be established as an instructor. This role will provide access that is in addition to the learner role and the manager role if you have direct reports. This role is set up by the UC Learning Center Administrator as learning activities are added or scheduled in the UC Learning Center. As an instructor you can:

    • Review those who have registered for a specific learning activity
    • Print out a sign-in sheet for a learning activity
    • Email participants
    • Print out certificates of completion for a specific learning activity
    • Review the scores for activities where an assessment has been provided to participants

    See the online Instructor Guide for step-by-step instructions for various tasks.


    The Learning Coordinator role is provided to those who need to be able to enroll others in learning activities as well as check the status of required activities for individuals outside of direct reports. This access is granted by the UC Learning Center Administrator and can be set at the department, division, or organizational unit level. Learning Coordinators can perform the following tasks:

    • Register others for learning activities (either at the department, division, or the organizational unit level)
    • Cancel training for others
    • Check the status of assigned activities for viewable users
    • Review attendance and required training status reports in advanced reporting

    Before you can be set up in the Learning Coordinator role, you will be required to have completed, and have current certification in, the following training through the UC Learning Center:

    1. FERPA: How to Protect Student Records (RI-SAECO0033)
    2. Enterprise Accountability Online (RI-ACOBJ0002)

    Once this training is completed, please send an email to, by way of approval from your organization copy your supervisor or manager, and provide a list of the ORG, DIV, or DEPT codes and names you require access to. It is important we have both the codes and names.

    *Or have your supervisor submit the email request and copy you.